Meet the Burgah: Model Libby Vilner






Photo Credit: Steffon John Studio

We like to celebrate local talent here at TMC. Libby Vilner, from Newton, MA, has made a name for herself in the modeling world. She was featured in Maxim magazine and has made appearances on the television show, ‘Breaking Boston’. Not only is she beautiful, but she is very smart and down to Earth. She was nice enough to answer some questions for us, and gave us some insight into the lifestyle of a model, and how us, average mushes, can possibly indulge in a burgah of her caliber.


TMC: What kind of culture do you want to add to the modeling field?

LV: I want to be able to reflect every culture that I can through modeling and be the face for many ethnic backgrounds to look up to. I feel that I have an exotic look and I am almost always asked if I am from a ethnicity of which I am not, but the truth is I was born and raised in Israel and I would love to be another successful model in the industry besides Bar Rafaeli to represent our land.


TMC: What is your ideal date?

LV: I would love a date night at a comedy show, I think it’s so much fun and that way you are guaranteed a good time And good memories.


TMC: Did Newton standards motivate you in any way regarding your modeling?

LV: To be honest , going to Newton South High School was a bit of a set back to really pressure modeling. As I’m sure people heard, there was a recent death (suicide) of a student named Roe, he was under so much pressure in school and AP classes , that he could not take it anymore. His decision really indicated how much the performance in your education can impact your life. And it did for me as well, instead of going to auditions I would be studying my butt off for exams. Also, the kids in my school, particularly in my grade, did not take my photo shoots, at first, seriously… They actually made fun of me for trying! After high school, I set my own new path and made new friends that supported me.


TMC: What is your advice to the average guy who is going for a girl out of his league?

LV: Be funny, be kind, and be yourself!


TMC: What models are your role models? No pun intended.

LV: Not necessarily models, but I love Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendes


TMC: Is it necessary for models to be educated?

LV: Yes! My mother would not allow me to do any modeling before I finished school, so I actually went behind her back for my first photoshoot, showed her the results, and she just told me if I was to put modeling In front of school I would be in trouble! And she was right. it is incredibly important to get an education too , because beauty is temporary but intelligence is forever.


TMC:  Have you ever went on a date with a mush?

LV: Nope.

TMC: (not yet)


TMC: Is it ethical to starve, just to look good in a photo?

LV: No way! I myself am a curvy model and will always stay that way. I was told a few times I needed to lose weight and I just laughed and would say, I’m good I like to have some meat on myself. I am also proud and would like girls to know that I was able to get featured in Maxim with a picture of only my face, no skin showing. Goes to show you can go places without selling your body out.


TMC: What is the hardest part about modeling?

LV: For me, it is juggling school, work, and modeling all at the same time… as well as getting rejected for not being skinny enough.


TMC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

LV: Honestly, I am not sure but I can’t wait to find out. 🙂


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