March Fatness Round 2: The Jared From Subway Region


Round 1 in the Jared From Subway region featured an overtime game, two buzzer beaters, and 3 upsets. Let’s see which munchies have what it takes to advance to the Sweet 16.

#1 Thanksgiving Leftovers vs. #9 Pasta and Sauce

-Thanksgiving leftovers have too much depth and strength for pasta and sauce. The 9 seed could handle the mashed potatoes and gravy in round 1, but once you add the turkey, stuffing, and green beans to the mashed, pasta never had a chance.

#12 French Fries vs #4 Mac and Cheese

-Mac and Cheese has everything you want in a munchie food; gooey, warm, salty, and cheesey. Fries are simple, easy, and tastey, but they could not overcome the early deficit they faced.

#3 Steak and Cheese vs. #6 Bagel and Cream Cheese

-In a shocking, down to the wire upset, Bagel and Cream Cheese squeeks by the classic sub. Steak and Cheese Subs are great, don’t get me wrong, but when zooted, at 1 am, it is just too much food. A single bagel, with evenly spread cream cheese, has all the flavors and tastes to be a champion, and it is also the perfect quantity. Bagel and Cream Cheese making all the jews proud out there.

#2 Cookies and Milk vs #10 Chicken Caeser Wrap 

-Cookies and Milk is just a classic, fundamental munchie, that won’t lose games to the up and coming youngsters of the Chicken Caeser Wrap. The cookie in milk dip play could not be defended, and this matchup was over from the start.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. mike says:

    These articles are embarrassing. They pertain to fifth graders. If this website wants to succeed it should try writing articles of relevance rather than stupidity. All of our friends laugh at how stupid this website is behind doors!

    1. tackstyles says:

      Maybe you should judge the site as a whole rather than on one post. We present relevant culture, as well as the culture that we enjoy. We enjoy zooting and eating, and we also enjoy creating competition and discussion. March fatness may be immature in your opinion, but many people are interested. Laugh behind closed doors all you want, at least we are putting ourselves out there. Good day mike bennington..(fake name?)

  2. mike says:

    AGREED! ^^^^^

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