March Fatness Round 1: Mario Bitali Region

If this is the first you’re hearing about the March Fatness , click the link to learn more and see the full brackets.




#1 Pizza vs. # 16 Pudding

Pudding had no shot right from the start, pizza took an extra large pepperoni lead to start the game, and it was pretty much tapioca from there. Pizza’s consistency has brought them to where they are today. They know which toppings are going to show up, and their crust has been an unbelievable 6th man all season. Pizza is the favorite in the Mario Bitali region.

#9 S’mores vs. #8 Brownies

No S’more Mr. Nice Brownies. Brownies were hot right out of the oven in this one, and I think that resulted in their win. Of course S’mores caught fire throughout the game, but the brownies’ heat stayed perfect through out. The alley oop from slutty brownie to milk really put the whip cream on top of this game.

#5 French Toast vs. #12 Chicken Fingers

This game was more than a battle between two munchie foods, it was a battle between two countries. Chicken fingers is full of all-americans while french toast is full French olympians. Chicken fingers played their hearts out, trying dipping sauce, after dipping sauce but it just was not enough for the french toast, dipped in syrup. Once french toast found their right syrup, they held the lead for the rest of the game.

#13 Dunkaroos vs. #4 Watermelon

Dunkaroos young team prevailed the veteran led team, watermelon. Watermelon was very streaky, due to their very seasonal style. Dunkaroos youth was too fast, strong, and creative for watermelon. There were many lead changes, but dunkaroos ending up pulling out this huge upset. Dunky V thought it was FROSTING BABY!

#3 Honey Mustard Wings vs. #14 Fruit Snacks

Fruit Snacks had a variety of plays that. honey mustard wings surprisingly could never figure out. Honey mustard wings, being much stronger, held the lead up to the 2nd half, but fruit snacks figured them out and made a dramatic comeback. Half way through the game, honey mustard’s coach was considering making a desperate move, throwing buffalo sauce all over his team because he knew fruit snacks were going to figure them out eventually.

#11 Cake vs #6 Banana Bread

These teams were very evenly matched, but banana bread’s maturity led them to victory over the energized cake. At halftime both teams made changes. Banana bread threw in some chocolate chips, while cake threw on their funfetti frosting. The changes benefited both teams, but banana bread was able to hold to their short lead up to the finish.

#7 B.L.T vs. #10 Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts started the game with a lead, team BLT was playing like it was delivered from the guy from Big Daddy’s pizza shop. But Pop Tarts ran out of gas quick and team BLT made a change by getting a makeover from D and A House of Pizza. Pop Tarts have had this problem all season, they are great a starting the game but can never finish it. Bacon is the leader of team BLT and the supporting cast of lettuce and tomatoes need to step up if they want any shot.

#15 Croissant vs. #2 Bacon Cheeseburger Sub

Bacon Cheeseburger Sub knew they had this game from the start. They decided to mock the croissant by playing this game in a croissant uniform. The french were offended, but Americans watching got a huge kick out of it. Over 1 million people tweeted about the uniform change. By the 2nd half, team croissant was soggy and lost any chance at a comeback.

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