THE Single Greatest Aphrodisiac

There are many arguments out there about the greatest aphrodisiacs.  Some might tell you its chocolate, some might tell you its oysters.  Others might argue a little Marvin Gaye and some dim candlelight.  I’ve also recently heard great news; my favorite drink, Gin and Tonic, is also a natural inhibitor of pleyyy. But, this post is about another theory altogether. I am here to settle the argument once and for all.

Over my college career I have seen all these wonders at work.  Especially in New Orleans I have seen the wonderful effects of alcohol.  Yet, I am still here to argue on behalf of the books.  Studying is the strongest aphrodisiac.

sexy librarian

It took me a few semesters, but I finally understand the argument for an all boys or all girls school.  When I sit down to study in the library or the Bschool, I can probably get a good hour of studying in before it hits me square in the face.

All it takes is an innocent look up from my page as somebody walks by. Be it a gorgeous stunning model or a veggie burgah, but I am instantly attracted.  And I wonder, hmmm what’s she’s doing? Even though I know she’s going to study just like I am.

Every single girl, regardless if they are my type or not, becomes the Adriana Lima of the room where I am studying.  If you don’t know who that is, sorry.  The effects are so strong to the point where I am down for uncharacteristically romantic efforts with the girls around me.

Now some might argue that studying is not an aphrodisiac, it is just very boring and I’d rather be doing anything else.  But that is not the case.  Many a time, I have stood up from the table declaring I can’t do anymore.  Gone home to hang with friends, watch TV and movies, things I love to do.  And there I am at home, not bored anymore, but the desire for pleyyy remains.

I am aware that studying has this effect on men.  But I always end up wondering if it has the same effect on women.  Do I turn into Brad Pitt in the library? If so, I should probably spend more time in there. Sorry pops.  Either way, there is no denying that studying is one of the strongest organic aphrodisiacs known to man.

Study more? Wait that’s definitely not the moral here.  Get more pleyyyyyy. Hashtag getpleys

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  1. noahsbbt says:

    I think the biggest influencer in this phenomena stems to the fact that as men we see a burgah primarily as a sidekick in our lives. Women merely stand as a direct response to our lives and our success. Their status in life is directly correlated to ours, and in doing so women are only as magnificent as we make them out to be. By seeing these burgahhs in the beryy, we then are able to see them in a new light…a light not only envisioned in the kitchen, bedroom, or laundry room; we are opened up to a new vision of the burgah in the office and providing for the family. This new found vision of burgahs relieves some of the common stress and dependency women put onto us and furthermore enables us as men to appreciate the prime kobe beef burgah who can actually afford her own meat.

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