Average Athlete of the Week: Billy Beane

Well, it’s been a couple two, tree minutes since the last time I attempted to enlighten y’all with an average athlete. Since my last post, I’ve survived a trip to Bristol, Tennessee and saw a bunch of hillbillies wasted off their ass cheering on their favorite NASCAR drivers as they drove around The Last Great Coliseum five hundred times.

But I digress….

This week we’re going to talk about a special, special person: Billy Beane. You may recognize the name from the flick Moneyball, or maybe you even read the book. The fact of the matter is that Old Bill was one hell of an average baseball player. Actually, he may border on below average, but he deserves a shoutout.

The dude played from 1984 to 1989 with four teams. To say he took advantage of his 301 Major League at bats would be generous, leaning more towards loony. He only batted .219, hit three homeruns and only drove in twenty-nine runs.

An average player he was, but the man has continued to be one of the most influential General Managers the MLB has ever seen. The story of Billy Beane gives hope to benchwarmers all across the League.

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