Rosetta Stoned Word of the Week: MUSH

Every so often, the TMC staff will give you a complete definition, history, and the uses of one of the words from our “Lingo“.

This week, that word is mush.

“Mush is a word with cultural background. Mush is a word that is way more gnarly than saying, “what’s up player?” or “what’s up dude?”. Mush rolls off the tongue. Mush is unique. Mushes have relationships with other mushes, strictly because they are both mushes. It gives people a sense of community, respect, and love. Yes, you’re truly only a mush if you’re from The Lake (just ask Matt LeBlanc). But any pal, guy, or stranger I talk to is a mush to me. Because in my world, we are all friends, with the same goal… to enjoy life.. Ya know what I’m sayin’ mush?”        – MushOfAllTrades

Here’s a vid of the TMC crew using it.

(Noun): Friend; acquaintance.

Origin: “Mush” is a remnant of the Italian-English dialect historically spoken by the Newton immigrants from San Donato, Italy. These immigrants formed their own community, and within it, spoke their own Italian slang.

the lake

The word blew-up in the Newton area, really, because it’s just fun to say, especially with a bit of a Bahhhhston accent. Ya know kid?

If you wanna learn more about “Lake Talk”, head to the source of all important information….Wikipedia, and click here.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. kvbilhb says:

    WRONG!!!!! Who was that hoop from Waban trying to do Lake lingo? Fuckin’ hoop.

  2. Nadine says:

    You have to be FROM the Lake to talk like that! There are 13 villages in Newton, and only Nonantum (the “Lake”) talks the right way 😉 I’m a jival so I know LOL

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