TMC To Temporarily Suspend Activity

Dear TouchMyCulture readers,

Over the next two weeks, TMC will be undergoing a short, yet important series of internal and external renovations. These renovations necessitate a period of inactiveness for the website. But, fear not, we will be back, and we will have a firmer touch for all of your cultures.

It is with mixed feelings that I write this message. I am sad that we must halt something that has been so fun and rewarding to write (and hopefully to read as well). I also apologize to the readers that we are taking such a surprise break, but it is indeed a necessary step for us to expand to reach new and under-touched cultures of the world.

I am proud to say that when we return (2-4 weeks), we will have an:
– Updated and aesthetically pleasing website
– User-friendly and effective layout
– Consistent and meaningful contributions from our authors
– A renewed sense of focus and determination to deliver true culture to you

Apologies again for this unannounced sabbatical, but we promise that our new product will be well-worth the wait.

If you have any questions, suggestions or think you have something to offer the #TMCSquad, please email

Looking forward to touching your culture in a more effective and meaningful way,


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  1. dirka dirk says:

    Make it mobile friendly!

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