Where to Find a Burgah: Skip the Gym, Head to the Library


You probably see at least 10 burgahs a day that catch your eye. In passing, it is hard to secure that burgah. However, there are plenty of locations on college campuses that burgahs are on the grill waiting to be devoured.


girl at gym

One may think, “Oh there are plenty of girls at the gym, lets go find some burgahs.” After years of research, this thought has proved to be ineffective. The gym is a place where girls go to work on themselves. They go to get in the zone, forget other girl drama, and get in shape. When at the gym, girls can be very self-conscious about their body, their exercises, and their appearance. This makes for a bad place to find a burgah, because girls are there to get in shape for guys at a later time, not to be checked out by guys in their present state. When they are feeling self conscious, they wont have the confidence to flirt back at you, or to even allow you to try.

There is always that hot girl that catches your eye, beautiful calves, tight gludius maximus, pretty eyes, great head of hair, cute smile, but all of that goes down the drain once she whips out her phone for the gym selfie. One of the many problems technology has brought to our generation, gym selfies.

So the gym can be a lose-lose situation. Either she is going to completely reject you because she is working on herself, or you are going to be completely turned off once you see that gym selfie. Don’t worry fellas, I am going to tell you where to go.



However, an alternative to searching for a burgah at the gym is picking from the quality selection of burgahs at the library. Now, I agree there are probably more burgahs at the gym at any given time, but the quality of burgah at the library blows the gym out of the water. Girls at the library are usually smart, hard-working, responsible, and independent. All very sexy qualities. As well, the burgahs at the library are much more available than those at the gym.

At the gym, you need to keep moving, keep the heart rate up, and can’t get distracted. While doing homework, you can take a 10-minute break for a conversation, and the assignment won’t go anywhere. The library is a much more relaxed place to approach a girl. The conversations won’t be rushed, the burgah is in a comfortable state of mind, and the quality of the burgah is maximized.

My advice is not 100% guaranteed, does not work for everybody, and does not apply to every girl in the world. I am just basing this off my experiences, as well as the opinions of my burgah friends. Next time you are at the gym and see a burgah, let her be. Next time you are at the library and see a burgah, go for it. In my opinion, your outcome will result in much more culture.

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  1. Aly says:

    i love this

    1. tackstyles says:

      Glad you love it Aly Handjobs. Thanks for reading!

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