America Will Ruin The Snow Day


Enjoy snow days while you can students because soon snow days will be non existent. You might not have to travel, but you still will need to learn.

With today’s technology, students will soon attend class through webcams. The teacher will be able to teach from home, while the student learns at home. Scary thought right.

I believe schools have not started instituting this yet to avoid revolt. Students will be rip shit once the snow day is ruined. Long, cold, and snowy winters are the worst time to go to school. The one thing students look forward to besides vacations, are snow days.

Sledding, building snowmen, watching movies, Netflix marathons, hot cocoa, and snowball fights are all part of snow day culture. Watching the news and waiting for your school to get cancelled is… Culture. Having the complete freedom for an unproductive day… Culture. 3 hour naps after lunch… Culture. Not having to spend a day miserably in an educational facility… Culture. All of this will be lost if the snow day is ruined.

Without snow days, student depression will rise and culture will be lost. So America, what can we do to keep snow days alive? Slam webcams, put a virus in your teacher’s computer, crash the school’s network, and please do anything to prevent the ending of snow day culture.

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