Biscuits and Gravy Get Their Culture Touched

biscuits and gravy

Biscuit and Gravy is an up and coming band who is trying to spread their culture. The band is a diverse group of hard working men, who live by the “work hard, play hard” mentality. They’ve got a variety of musical backgrounds, but their talents have merged and they really jam the fuck out.

Their next show is in Boston at the Hard Rock Cafe on Friday, February 28th.

Here is the stream to their album, “Hello Weekend” -

TouchMyCulture got the opportunity to ask the band some questions to really see what their culture is all about…

1)      Who are the members of Biscuits and Gravy?

David Huddleston – Lead vocals
Sam RP – Guitar
Evan Coniglio – Bass
Ghost – Keys/Rhodes
Master Mark Ward – Drums
Eric Tait – Trumpet
Craig Hill – Sax

2)      How did the band start?

It all started back in 2009 when Sam, Dave, and Ghost were living together in Roxbury. We had been jamming for a couple of years but for the first time, we had a basement available to use as a free practice space. With Dave singing, Sam on lead guitar, and Ghost on the Rhodes, the musical chemistry was great. After a few instrumentalists came and went, Evan came on board as the full time bassist and Master Mark Ward settled in behind the kit. By then, the core of the group was established. It was funny because each of us brought different musical backgrounds to the table – Sam was a rock guitarist, Ghost was a jazz pianist, Dave was a pop/r&b singer, Master Mark was a gospel drummer, and Evan played everything from hip-hop to metal. Somehow, we found common ground and were able to capitalize on our various influences. We found our sound by fusing our unique interests into something we could all groove to – and that’s when we knew we had something special as a band. The only piece left was to add a horn section and a backup vocalist. We lucked out with Eric Tait coming on board to play trumpet and we went through a few sax players before finding Craig Hill. Having both those guys on the stage together was definitely a game changer for us and completed that B&G sound.

3) What kind of culture is Biscuits and Gravy trying to spread?

Our debut album, Hello Weekend, is all about breaking free from the daily grind. It walks the listener through all stages of unwinding from a long, difficult week. We’re all work hard, play hard kind of people and that comes through in our music. We want to espouse a culture that celebrates hard working people who still know how to get down. So many people that come to our shows are just getting done with a long day of work or school. They bring out their best friends, meet some new people, and get dancing. It’s the same for the band. Each of us has a job or side gig. We all work hard every day and then go do what we love. Life doesn’t have to always be about the serious commitments. Responsibility is important, but so is letting loose with people you care about.

4)      If the band got stranded on the beach with 6 girls, who would they be?

Have to admit, this was an extremely difficult question to answer. We had a three day long group text conversation going about this but we’re going to settle on: Beyonce, Sloan from Entourage, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Natalie Portman and Arianny Celeste. Evan would also like to throw in Jon Hamm as his plus 1.

5)      If the band was going out to get burgers together, which restaurant would they go to?

We’ll make this short and sweet. Five Guys.

The band’s next show is in Boston at the Hard Rock Cafe on Friday, Feb. 28th.

Visit their website

Hello Weekend Album Stream (free)

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