Guide for What to Get Your Burgah on Valentines Day

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For all you mushes out there tryna get their burgah, Valentines Day can be a quick way to a burgah’s heart. However, you can also ruin any chances you have by underperfomring on this crazy, hallmark driven holiday. There are many different types of romantic relationships that require the exchange of a gift, and here is the guide for the correct present for your relationship:

BF/GF for over a year

-If you have already spent one valentines day with your partner, than this one is not as important. You should both already know how much you like each other, and need not to impress one another.

-Gift: A simple box of chocolates, flowers, or Chocolate Covered Strawberries will suffice. Oh and dont forget a card! Sentimental cards can mean a lot more than a box of Godivas.

BF/GF for under a year

-The first Valentines Day in a relationship is very important. If you are serious about this relationship, Vday is the day to prove it.

-Gift: Jewelery and a card. Or: Take her out to a nice dinner, bring her flowers, and give her chocolate (and the D) at the end of the night.

Hookup Buddy

-This can make or break the relationship. Get her too much and she’s freaked out. Get her nothing and she’s like “Omg he didn’t get me anything ugh..”

-Gift: $25 dollar gift card to Victoria’s Secret. Funny, suggestive, and shows you were thinking about her. Not overly romantic, but she’ll appreciate the thought, and the excitement of getting to buy new lingerie for you.

Future Burgah 

-Valentines Day is great, because it gives you the chance to finally get that girl you’ve had your eye on.  There is a fine line between creepy and romantic.  If you want any shot at throwing it on the grill, be cool, please.

-Gift: Here is a chance to be romantic. Girls love the surprise factor. If you walk up to your crush and hand her a couple roses, her heart is gonna melt, and you’re gonna be in like flint.

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