GEACH of the Week: Ab-Soul



Ab-Soul is a member of Kendrick’s Empire, aka TDE, aka Black Hippy. Soul is an underrated rapper who I have yet to hear a bad verse from. This GEACH caught my attention with his verse on Chance the Rapper’s, ‘Smoke Again’. The following lyrics is what made me say to myself, “damn this dude is raw”.

“How ’bout you? No dap, but I’ll take a pound or two
No doubt like Gwen Stefani’s group
Let me put my mouth where you potty, boo
Them niggas pissed, need potty training
They movement shit, that’s a potty train
She ain’t left yet, but she probably came
We kicked it then I score, soccer game
She was a phony goalie
I got great aim though, don’t insult me”

He is getting better with time but that still does not eliminate the fact that he is a complete GEACH! It’s great that he is a GEACH because it clearly expresses how many fucks he gives: 0. Salutè Mr. Soul.

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