Shaun White Gives Gingers No Hope


As a fellow ginger, I am really disappointed in Shaun White’s effort in the 2014 Winter Olympics. After being a huge pussy and not competing in the mens slope style, because of a jammed wrist, he doesn’t even medal in the half pipe event. Shaun White is supposed to be the Michael Phelps of the winter olympics…..not anymore. He is a disgrace to gingers around the world now, especially with his new haircut. C’mon bro, you’re not Ryan Gosling, you’re the flying tomato.

His pathetic attempts of being a hero, once again, will leave him medal-less, thus resulting in him being Burgahless. Now I can’t even use him as my comeback for when someone calls me a ginger. Who am I going to idolize now, Carrot Top? Andy Dalton? Not a chance…those are the biggest geaches around. Thanks Shaun, way to let down all the gingers down.



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  1. Amherst says:

    Who is the author of this rant?

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