Boston Celtics Trade Deadline Solutions

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The Celtics are in purgatory right now. They have some talented pieces, but are nowhere near talented enough to compete this year. We can clean house and start over with draft picks, or we can keep the talent we have, and continue to build this squad. Here are the options, and solutions for Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics.

1) Trade Brandon Bass

-Brandon Bass can be a commodity for any team. He would help us in the future, but do we want to keep him until that future comes? The answer is no. We should trade Brandon Bass to a contender for some young talent, or a draft pick.

Possible Scenario: Brandon Bass to the Thunder for Perry Jones and 2nd round draft pick

2) Trade Jeff Green

-Jeff Green is a very talented basketball player, but he is not a superstar. He does not have the competitveness or the defensive ability to be a number 1 player on a team. He is a piece of the puzzle. With cornerstones at point guard (Rondo), and shooting guard (Bradley) we are most likely going to address the forward position in the draft or free agency. We should trade Jeff Green, and receive some draft picks and some young players for him.

Possible Scenario: Jeff Green to the Hawks for a 1st Round Draft Pick and Dennis Schroder

3) Keep Rajon Rondo

-He is our future. Rondo is a top 5 point guard in the league, and I dont see how trading him could help us. We would get a bunch of draft picks for him, maybe some talented players, but nothing would be guaranteed. Those draft picks could be busts, could be nowhere near the player Rajon is, or could be better than Rondo. The only thing guaranteed is that Rondo will continue to improve, and continue to be a force in the league. A core lineup for the future with Rondo, Bradley, and Sullinger is very solid.

4) Trade for expiring contracts

-Expiring contracts will give us more money this offseason. We have many draft picks, which could be expendable. If we keep a couple first round picks, yet trade a couple in order to create cap space for the future, it would be beneficial.

Possible Scenario: Trade Gerald Wallace, 2016 First round pick, and 2017 Second Round Pick for Rodney Stuckey and Jonas Jerekbo, creating 12 million in cap space.

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