How to Handle Professor Linda

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My communication inquiries professor just started off class saying, “Go Seahawks. That was quite a game!”…hey Linda…you’re a week late. Now, I knew my professor was a Linda from the first minute of the first class. She wore a full pink outfit. A poutfit. She asked us how are weekend was and if we twittered at all. She drinks diet coke out of a coffee thermos. She pours diet coke into that little cup, and drinks it as if it were hot coffee. She wears a microphone, but doesnt use it. Ok you get the point, my professor is a class A Linda. The question is, how do I make it through class with Professor Linda?

The important thing about making sure Linda doesn’t get offended, is that you laugh with her. When she makes a corny joke, you laugh. When she isn’t making a joke, but is still making a fool of herself, you don’t laugh. Write down all the funny shit she does, and you can laugh at it later.

Another way to handle professor Linda is to act like a Charles. There is a natural attraction, a natural force, between Charles’ and Lindas’. If you act like a Charles, and by that I mean you act enthusiastic, you go with whatever she is saying, and you pretend she is not a Linda, then she will like you. Class will be a breeze if Professor Linda likes you. If Linda believes you are a Charles, and you welcome her Lindaness, she will give you special treatment, consider you a good student, and most likely, give you good grades.

One last way to handle Professor Linda is to converse about her actions with classmates. After class, a good way to flirt with girls, a good way to make friends, is to bond over the Lindaness of your teacher. Once a large group of classmates communicates about the Linda, class will become more fun. When she does something Linda, you can look over at classmates and have a slight laugh. When she does something Linda, you can write it down, and later compare with your classmates. When a class has a bond over something like this, it will make the class more fun, and therefore go by much quicker.

We all have had Professor Linda. We all have wanted to never go to class, because of this professor. However, if you use my tips, class will become fun, Linda will like you, and you will be able to get a good grade.

Professor Linda (45 seconds ago): “in group work, it is important that you work as a group. Like the Gilmore Girls, the Flinstones, or the Seahawks!” ….yes, I laughed.

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