Saturday Morning Cartoons: TMC Rugrats


Here at TMC, we want the readers to really get to know the writers. We want you all to feel a personal connection; to feel the pain, excitement, or any emotion that the writer is feeling. One way for us to make this connection, is for us to individually relate using modern examples. I’m going to try and make our personalities a little clearer, every saturday morning, by relating some staff to a Saturday morning cartoon from our childhood.




-Tommy and Mush are the leaders of the group

-Both take initiative and make things happen

-Tommy is brave, kind, and loyal….like Mush.

“Hang on to your diapies babies, we’re going in.”



-Chuckie is always worrying about the plan and what could go wrong….thats Moone for ya.

-Chuckie always says, “I dont know if this is such a good idea.” but then does it anyway, because of his loyalty to Tommy.. M00ne always questions Mushes adventures and plots, but always is a loyal teammate and comes along for the ride.

-Chuckie and Moone both provide rational ideas for when things go wrong. They may not be in favor of the idea of adventure to begin with, but once they are knee deep in it, they problem solve with the best of em.



-I’ve known HManHMook since I started watching Rugrats, and he has always been Phil.

-Phil was known for doing the oddest things, just to try it out. He was a wild card. He was a mook. HalfManHalfMook is the biggest mook I know, and always performs questionable actions just to see the results.

-Phil provided comedy to the group, and a calming spirit whenever they were in turmoil. HalfManHalfMook can bring light to any situation, and like Phil, can relax the entire crew whenever there is any issue.



-Lil seems like a follower, a go-with-the-flow type of girl, but she has strong opinions and feelings on important matters, and is not afraid to voice them after a plan develops.

-She follows Phil during his shenanigans, and is loyal to the group during their adventures. She follows the pack, follows directions, but constantly comes up big in tough situations. Lil would always have the bug in her pocket they needed, or the out-of-the-box idea no one could think of.

-I like to follow MushofAllTrades and the group on their adventures. I stay true and strong to the mission without complaining. When this site was started, I said lets do it, I’ll write whatever you would like. When we saw how the site developed, I got the confidence to write about my own interests, and made suggestions on how to keep improving TMC.



-Dil couldnt talk, but he always paid attention. He would watch the boys take on their adventure quietly, and come help when help was needed. TheGeach may not be as vocal as the other writers, but he provides guidance and intelligence when we need it most.

-Both visionaries, both patient, and both under the radar.

The Rugrats crew was always getting into a new plan, a new mission, and new adventure, and thats what we like to do at TMC. We wanted to start a blog using our own language, using our own ideas, and talking about what we wanted to talk about. Without Tommy leading us, without Chuckie’s sense of realism, without Phil’s creativitiy, without Lil’s determination, and without Dil’s overlooking guidance, the Rugrats crew, and TMC, would not be as accomlished as they are today.

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