Ladies: Please Accept This Apology

I am a Burgah too!

Yes, I know.  Coming from me, this apology may seem meaningless, if not offensive.  I brought you the story of the young lovers on my roof.  I brought you the stock market insight about how to improve your chances.  It has come to my attention that many have read these and thought “sexist”, “doesn’t respect women” or whatever else they may think.

I come to you today with my hat in hand, my ego checked at the door, hell my balls in a vice.  I am dying to clear up 2 misunderstandings about myself and Touchmyculture.

The first, the Burgah metaphor.  I want to clarify the nature, intention, and meaning of the word and metaphor, Burgah.  And second, the misunderstood connotation of burgah is putting my respect of women into question.  A question I’ll hope to answer for you.

The word Burgah.  You must understand, this word is very fun to say.  Please take a moment and belt out a boisterous, raunchy, Boston-accented BURGAHHH.  See?  I love using the word, and it works out perfectly, I write all my articles about women and sex.

Now ladies, Don’t tell me that sex and guys are not staples in your daily conversations.  Who is dating who, who went home with who last night.  These cyclical conversations get boring.  We created a metaphor that not only makes us laugh at a phonetic level, but also works perfectly being able to supplement with fries and a shake.

I challenge you ladies to reread my articles and imagine that the burgah in those stories was me or that guy you are interested in (not that those two things are any different from each other).  I don’t write in the politically correct he/she him/her because I’m not a Charles, but the metaphor goes both ways.

I AM A BURGAH.  I am a burgah just as much as the pretty girls I just smiled at are burgahs.  I can only hope they were giggling saying “Wow that kid was quite the burgah” and not because I’m a goofy looking kid.

Burgah does not mean “piece of meat”, it is in no way objectifying anyone.  Here at TMC, we love and respect women.  We appreciate them, rely on them, and most definitely want to please them.  Read the stock market advice and replace the roles in the article, the truths still remain.

My love of women was fostered by my mother.  A beautiful, caring, and very intelligent women.  Book smarts for sure, but out in the world she always gets what she wants.  She taught me the value of a smile and being nice while navigating the bullshit that life gives you.  Not to mention, if I don’t shout her out soon she may stop following the site.  She has no interest in people that don’t headline on HER favorite website “I love my”

Still don’t believe me?  I invite you to check out the staff here at TMC, a group of high quality burgahs I must say.  This band of mushes, mooks, moones, geaches, Charles and Lindas doesn’t have a single evil bone between all of us.  We love and revere women for mastering intelligence as a whole; the emotional intelligence part that men will never grasp.

We just enjoy culture.  We want to bring it to you.  And we would truly appreciate if you touched our culture.

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