America: Would you prefer another Bush, the first Liberal Linda, another Clinton, or a liar from the armpit of America in the White House?

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The 2016 Presidential election talks have been heating up as of late. Everybody talking about Chris Christie and the liberal lindas, Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. As surprising candidate has joined the presidential talks, Jeb Bush. All 4 of these potential candidates are either loved or hated with a passion. Conservatives can’t sit in a room with Hilary or Elizabeth, nobody can trust Chris Christie, and we all know how the liberals feel about the Bush family. But what I want to know is what you TMC readers think about it.

Maybe it is time for a female, because the men clearly have not been getting the job done since 2000. A republican had 2 terms to make the country better and so did a democrat, so maybe the real change will come in 2016. My hope is our country moves away from all this political party crap, and get an independent in office. God bless America.

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