What You Mushes Need to Know About the Farm Bill


Today, the Senate passed a farm bill worth nearly one trillion dollars to help set farm policies for the next 5 years. You may be thinking, “how can a farm bill affect me? I live in the city and thought a calf was a part of my leg.” Here is why the farm bill will directly affect you;

  • It is affecting consumers more than farmers. This bill will implement and support a plethora of eating policies.
  • This will cut the billions we spend on the food stamp program
  • You will know a lot more about your burger now. Since this bill has passed, when you look at a package of burgers, it will include where the cow was born, slaughtered, and processed. This will calm down the crazy hipsters of Portlandia a lot. This might even scare people away from eating some meats. I know I would not eat a steak that was from a North Korean cow, that’s just me. Anything that comes out of that country cant be good.
  • Farmers will not be getting their guaranteed payments from the government so Obama-haters can no longer say, “The president pays farmers too much.”
  • The government will have incentives for growing certain foods, mainly, sushi. Yeah, you read that right. With the rise of Liberal America, part of the bill is to influence more people to grow rice, so people eat more sushi. In the bill, governement agrees to pay the difference if sushi prices fall too low. So, more farmers will grow the sushi rice because the government has their back.

That is what I got out of the near $1 trillion bill that passed today. As Americans, who have access to the information that can tell us how our governement spends money, so we must be educated on at least these big bills. I mean your country just spent one trillion dollars, you should probably try to have an idea where that money is going. Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/04/politics/farm-bill/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

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