Live From Accouting Class: Today’s Market Thought


Good Morning Culture-Touchers everywhere! I’ll be brief. I just wanted to share a couple morning thoughts with you. If your stock burgah is still frozen, its time to defrost that bish and get ready to season the burgah of your life. Warren Buffet once said “Be weary when others are greedy, and greedy when others are weary.” Well, guess what people?? Investors across the world are weary, so its time to get greedy! A sell off is the best time to buy. You are buying something that has price depreciation only to go up in the future. It’s like taking candy from a baby, as the age old line goes.

Here’s what I am thinking these days: long term Canadian Shale. The Keystone XL pipeline and prospects for Canadian shale are going to explode in the coming 2-4 decades and you can get in now for cheap. I’m talking change your life type of money here people. Do you know that the majority of US oil doesn’t come from the Middle East? It comes from Canada. Remember what we talked about last week, as a young man or woman you are way more risk absorbent than your wrinkly-white haired counterparts. Take a chance!

On top of that, I am definitely in favor of a strong position in Emerging Markets (Try the MSCI Index if you’d like). People have been scared by slow growth lately, but if we are going to be honest with ourselves, the well established nations just don’t have growth trajectories that are comparable. Check out Mexico, Brazil, IRAQ (one of my favorites), and if you are really bold Japan.

Those are just a couple ideas for you to marinate your burgah with. You don’t have to take my advice per-say, but if I can get your brain thinking about markets, then I am happy. Go make some money mushes!! Happy Tuesday!

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