The Revival of Ari Gold


Ari Gold seemed so real, that you forget that Jeremy Piven is a real dude too. Piven has his own life to live, and his own acting career to fulfill, “I really had left him (Ari) behind and was embracing, am embracing, this entire journey. So, it required me to be a little schizophrenic.”

As a diehard Entourage fan, its sad to hear that. He “left Ari behind.” If Vince, Drama, and Lloyd can’t leave Ari behind, how can I? I cant. Jeremy Piven will always be Ari Gold.

However, it seems like Piven is excited to resurrect the best TV Boss of all time. Piven called the Entourage Movie film script “really good” and when asked if he’ll have trouble transitioning from his new role of Mr. Selfridge back to Ari Gold he said, “I’ll jump back in. I can’t tell you too much about what happens in that particular world because we have to fly under the radar on that one, but I look forward to it.”

That’s such a tease. Lets go.

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