Super Bowl Recap

As a Patriots fan, and Tom Brady enthusiast, there couldn’t have been a better result. Peyton didn’t show up. 4 turnovers, 1 Touchdown, and a loss in the Super Bowl by 35 points. And we got to see plenty of #pleytonface

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.10.39 AM

More notes from the game:

-Seattle played the perfect game. They pressured Peyton without blitzing, forced turnovers, kept him off the field, and shutdown his go-to targets. Peyton was not himself. He wasn’t even at Eli caliber. Skipped Eli and was straight Coopering last night.


-Bruno Mars was electric. He killed it. If you’re hating on Bruno than you’re just ignorant to culture. Pleyed drums, sang live (cough beyonce cough), and danced like MJ.

-Seattle is the youngest team to ever win the superbowl at an average age of 26. We could see another dynasty coming soon..

-Commercials were boring. Budweiser was the only company to kill it…just like every year. What do advertisers not realize? Its about cuteness. People crumble for cuteness. Put an Alaskan Husky puppy and Nina Agdal in a commercial and its gold.

-NYC turned out to be a pretty good place to play the Superbowl. I wish it snowed, because Peyton would have been even worse, but regardless the NYC culture was phenomenal. The weather was not a factor, the lights didn’t go out, and there must have been some crazy after parties with Pete Carrol, Rex Ryan, and Broadway Joe Namath

-Congratulations Dick Sherman and the rest of the Seahawks D for bringing a championship back to seattle for the first time since 1979 (Supersonics). Boston will allow other cities to win one once in awhile.

SUPERBOWL 2015: Patriots: 27   Seahawks: 21

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