Italian Perspectives of Peyton Manning


Ok, so they’re not actually Italian, but they are a couple of mushes currently studying in Italy. They know their football, and they know how to bash Pleyton.

From YoungBuck

As a spiteful Pats fan, nothing made me happier than watching Manning and his stupid fucking face shit the bed in the big game last night. As time wound down, I obviously turned to ESPN, yahoo, twitter, anything that would have any coverage to see people ripping Peyton and how he cant play in big games. Well, as I was sitting with vaseline to my left and a nearly empty roll of TP to my right, ready to hear the abuse Peyton deserved, all I heard was how classy he was, and how this doesn’t change his legacy, how it was a team failure, slurp slurp gargle and swallow.

Manning getting slurped for his character is like coasting through curriculum two spanish only to fail your final exam (Hi Senor Sancho!) and getting a pity C+. I didnt deserve that C+ Sancho. I know it, you know it, and my cleaning people most certainly fucking knew it.
Sorry…that was weird. Anyways, what my point is, is that just like how Brady and the Pats get eviscerated every time they lose, even when they show the utmost grace and humility, Manning doesn’t deserve to be off the hook. He threw 20 ducks that game and put up 8 god damn points. Lets talk about that please. Until then, I’ll take my steak red and my balls blue.”

From The MajFather 

Is Peyton Manning the biggest geach of all time? Outside of Flur and HalfManHalfMook he’s the only first ballot Geach of Famer I know. Pete Carroll out coached Fox by a massive margin and the adjustments that were needed Denver simply couldn’t fathom. As all Pat’s fans rejoice about how Tom’s legacy is still indubitably superior to Peyton’s..thats just the headline. Peyton Manning was in total disarray on the field from the get go. The guy’s “incredible audibles” and Omaha’s were eaten for breakfast by Seattle. Was this even a Super Bowl? The answer..No. This was JV verse Varsity. This was the women’s league verse the men’s league. Globo-Gym verse everyone else.

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