Corduroys Are Classy Sweat Pants


Do you ever feel like a sloth walking around in your sweatpants? The answer is obviously yes and if you said no, you’re a liar and have a smelly burgah. Those of you who answered honestly, I have your solution; Corduroys: The most versatile of pants. Don’t be intimidated by all those lines on the pants, they’re your friends and they are there to make you feel comfortable. You’ll be able to lounge in your natural habitat while looking like a stud. Burgahs will not think you’re a lazy, smelly, boring kid like those sweatpants wearing kids. Corduroys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They match any sweatshirts, sweater, or jacket you want to wear. You can get the best of both worlds because they allow you to lounge, zoot, and play Fifa all day, while also being able to marinate, grill, and indulge the Burgahs all night. Like my pal Samuel always says, “Burgahs love their boys in corduroys, trust me, i’m a playa….playa.” You’re going to have to take his word here folks, next time you’re feeling lazy grab some corduroys, just because you feel like being lazy doesn’t mean you have to look lazy.


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