Celebrate the Newest Holiday: FBW

weedWritten by Prince,

During the fall semester of 2012 at Syracuse University a soon to be national holiday was created: Fat Blunt Wednesday, commonly referred to and autocorrected on my iPhone as FBW. Here at Syracuse University we like to consider ourselves party animals in that we party not only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but Tuesdays as well (my personal favorite). Clearly, with that much partying and consumption of alcohol we need a day where we rest our bodies and bang out the majority of the schoolwork we have for the week. What better day to do all of those things than hump day, Wednesday. Now, the holiday started out with four friends from Syracuse that are such good friends, they are practically brothers. These friends are now referred to as the Founding Fathers. They found themselves chillin’ on a Wednesday night with a shit-ton of homework.  One of them brilliantly suggested they use weed as motivation, and that when their homework was done they would all smoke a fat blunt. The other founding fathers agreed without hesitation.

After the homework was completed, at an incredible speed, one kid, The Master Blunt Roller rolled at least 2 grams of sticky icky into one PALMA Dutch Master and off they went to their house to begin the festivities. The blunt was lit at 12-midnight- and for one hour straight the founding fathers blazed, chilled and more importantly, engaged in interesting conversations with one another, also known as culturing. One of their other friends who lived in the house at the time happened to walk by the common area of the house and notice the festivities at hand. He simply asked, “What’s going on here?” and they replied, “just smoking a Fat Blunt on a Wednesday”. He liked the idea, and so did the founding fathers. That is when they decided they should do this every Wednesday night, but with more people.

The following Wednesday they invited all their friends to this new holiday and to their surprise twelve kids showed up with sticky of their own or five dollars to get on the fat blunts. Master Blunt Roller twisted up three Fat Blunts and minutes later the friends were well in the clouds and conversing about a variety of topics. They were dying of laughter and more importantly, enjoying one another’s presence. It was after this FBW the founding fathers decided to make Fat Blunt Wednesday an official holiday, and every Wednesday during the school semester since has been celebrated as Fat Blunt Wednesday.

Since the fall semester of 2012 FBW has emerged into an event known (to a small, yet growing degree) around the campus of Syracuse University in which many friends, and entire sororities have attended. On an average FBW six fat blunts are rolled with a record high of twelve blunts in one FBW. Friends who cannot attend the holiday due to schoolwork or other obligations are rather upset that they cannot make the festivities, but they are all cheered up by the following Wednesday. Food has been provided on certain occasions, as FBWers are typically hungry after the holiday, while others simply go to sleep in preparation for their Thursdays. All in all, FBW has become a day for people to rest their bodies while still being productive, and a night to stimulate people’s minds while enjoying the presence of friends. Now, if that’s not a holiday, then I do not know what is.

So do your homework, spark up a fatty, and get some culture for FBW.

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