Black Culture Month: Cultural Figure of the Day

In honor of February being Black history month, TMC will honor the African-American culture. Every day we will post an invention, created by a black person, and a cultural figure, whom will be an African American as well. The contributions of the inventor, the figure, and black culture in general should never be ignored, and we will do our best to honor the historic culture.

First Cultural Figure of Black Culture Month: Martin Luther King Jr. 


“I have a dream, that one day, will feature me as the Cultural Figure of the Day for Black Culture Month.” We all know those famous words, and we all know the cultural figure that was MLK. For Dr. Kin, violence was never the answer. We at TMC firmly believe this. There is nothing that cannot be solved without honest and open discussion. War, fights, genocides, it’s all an incredible travesty. Especially, when you know that simply ‘using your words’ could prevent most of these attrocities He was the most inspiring, important, and culture-changing African American in US History. There is no one person who changed America’s culture quite like MLK. Thank you MLK for helping make America the best country in the world.

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