TMC Super Bowl Predictions

Everyone at TMC made their Superbowl picks, with the final score. Whoever is the furthest from the actual results wins Geach of The Month award. That blog will be written by the blogger who is closest to the actual results in a no limits, no reservations, tell-all blog.

Tackstyles: Seahawks 27 Broncos 24

MushOfAllTrades: Peyton gets a concussion from head butting Welker after a TD. Broncos can’t score after that and lose 21-7

HalfManHalfMook: Broncos are going to win 32-21. I’m rockin my Johnny lynch jersey. (Might have slept in it). Elways starting at QB. Maj is right Eric decker will have three tittelers. Dick Shearman is going to try and fight a mush after they lose. Tom Brady might be gay

Moone: 20-17, Seahawks. Peyton doesn’t have the clutch (read: Tom Brady) gene.

TheSecondBiggestGeach: Hate Peyton on the field. D wins championships. Love Russell Wilson. But you never bet against money mayweather. For these reasons I take the broncos 35-24

GatorShane: Offense wins championships when you have the Broncos offense. Broncos will take an early big lead and seattle will make a minor but insignificant comeback. 34-24 Broncos

MajFather: 33-16 denver. papa john’s for everyone. seahawks get lit up by smarter more experienced team, denver d playing well, weak seattle offense exposed and can’t keep up. decker has 3 tds

Chief: At the phoenix open. Bubba Watson says Denver by 3 so ill take that.

MonaLinda: Seattle: 31 Denver: 28 Bruno Mars: -7

Nbirnbaum: Seattle 13 Denver 3 .. Peyton gets knocked out in the second quarter by Richard Sherman… Beast mode goes for 250 and a TD, skittles start falling from the sky as the Seahawks hoist the Lombardi trophy for the 1st time.

MajorThornhill: Legion of boom too physical for Peyton and his soft wideouts. 23-20 Seattle #LOB

McBabe666: Whoever I dont kill tonight should consider themselves a winner. Sorry, not happy about working tonight. Denver 28 Seattle 23.

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