Show Student-Athletes The Money!

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Imagine working a 40 hour week job and not getting paid. Now imagine having to work a 40 hour week, and go to school at the same time, and not get paid. Now imagine having to travel 3 times a week, work a 40 hour week, and go to school at the same time, and not get paid. Now imagine the employer of this 40 hour a week job is making millions and millions and millions off of you, and you dont see a dime. This is the current situation of the NCAA.

College basketball players usually have a workout early in the morning, go to school all day, have practice after school, then travel across the country to play a game. They are working their asses off, to win their school millions of dollars.

The argument for the current system is that these players get a free college education, and a chance to play in the NBA. According to a USNews study, only 30% of college basketball players graduate. So although they are getting a free education, the toll of traveling and working their asses off hurts their chances of graduating. Also according to the USnews study, only .2% of college  basketball players play in the NBA. The rest either graduate or have 3 years of unfinished education under their belt.

Syracuse basketball made 29 million dollars for their school last year. Or should I say the players made that money for their school. These players simply dont have the time or the tools to graduate. Most players come from poverty, and they dont have time to get a side job at college. Players resort to selling drugs, taking money from boosters, or committing other crimes.

My solution: Pay each college player .5% of the school’s revenue for that specific sport. Each syracuse basketball player would have received 14,000 bucks last year. This may seem radical, but it would cut down on crime, motivate players to stay in school, and create an uncorrupt NCAA. 70% of NBA players are bankrupt 5 years after leaving the league. 70%!!!! This is because they dont have the resources or the education to live a productive life without basketball. My solution would encourage players to graduate, then turn pro, so when they retire, they have options.

These players are working their asses off, with empty pockets, while these college powerhouses are adding 400 million dollar expansions to their stadium (Notre Dame). Pay these kids the money they deserve.

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  1. twmowen says:

    I agree college athletes should share in the revenue they generate but I think your post overstates the numbers who turn to crime. The way it is worded here it seems that drug dealing and/or other crimes is one of the main sources of income of college b ballers

    1. tackstyles says:

      Thanks for your reply.
      I believe any drug dealing, or any crime, is a problem.

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