Charles with Machete, Rifle, and Gasoline Tried to Kill George Bush

download barbara bush

Benjamin Smith was chillen in his car with a loaded rifle, a machete, and a canister of gasoline waiting for W to come out of his NYC home. He has a stalking level love for Bush’s eldest daughter, and a stalking level hatred for Bush himself. As he was getting arrested he shouted “Bush will get his”…so will you dude…in jail. His master plan was to kill George so he could have his daughter, Barbara, all to himself. Solid plan. Just like in “Dodgeball” when White Goodman fired Kate so they could be together.

This story has many weird aspects. What was he planning on doing with those 3 weapons?? I dont see the connection gasoline has with either the machete or the gun. Maybe he was going to fill up George’s car, slash his tires with the machete, and then shoot him? Just a weird combination of weapons.

Another weird aspect…actually this probably isn’t that strange considering he’s a psycho..but his Mom is the one that blew his cover. His mother called the cops on her 44 year old son, who still lives with her. She suspected something was up when he didn’t come down for mickey mouse pancakes and the morning cartoons.

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