Drunk Rob Ford Jaywalks in Front of Cop Car

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 12.00.40 PM
Taken moments before the run-in

We all jaywalk. We all have done it accidentally in front of cop cars before and have seen no consequence. Last night, Rob Ford walked out of a bar, walked across the street, in front of a cop car, and was ticketed by a douchebag Canadian cop. Rob Ford had the same reaction that most regular people would have, are you seriously ticketing me for jaywalking??

His exact quote is priceless, “”They went out of their way to do this,” Ford told the Toronto Sun. “I said I support you guys. Did you arrest me because I am a Bronco’s fan?”

He questioned his hometown cops motives…something we’ve all done before. But wait…wasnt Rob Ford a Buffalo Bills/Chicken Wings fan 4 weeks ago?


He is definitely not a Broncos fan. He probably just said that to created that excuse so the cops seemed corrupt. He also misused the word “arrested.” Definitely used the exaggeration to make his story sound cooler. I can imagine him running to his friends after and saying, “Yo fellas I got arrested last night for running across the street in front of a cop and screaming ‘Go Broncos, fuck you guys!”

We know he was drunk because some kids captured the moment on instagram with the hashtag #HeWasDrunk. No shit. Rob Ford doesnt go to a bar, order a diet coke, and prance through the middle of the street in front of cop cars if hes sober. Oh…”Ford denied allegations that he was also ticketed for public drunkenness. “All I have had here is a Diet Coke,” he said.” Maybe he is a complete Charles when sober after all…



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