Top 10 Culture Events of January

10) Philippine Government Reached Peace Treaty With Rebels

-Any act of peace is an act of progressing culture. The Philippine government reached a peace treaty with the MILF. Not like Beyonce, or Heidi Klum you dirty bastards, but rather the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Can’t make this stuff up.


9) OutKast Announced Reunion

-Unbelievable culture coming to 40 festivals near you.


8) Petition of the deportation of Bieber reach White House

-Get this clown out of our culture.


7) Entourage Movie Started Filming

-The culture crew is back and ready to get hash tag get pleys


6) Freedom To Zoot in Colorado

-Zooters running free in Colorado. The future of America has started, and the economy, justice system, and culture will never be the same. Zooters unite. Power to the sploife.


6a) Medical Marijuana sold in Massachusetts as of TODAY

Today is the first day licensed zoot dealers will be able to sell to legal zoot patients but we all know how that legal shit goes… Great day to be a zooter in the the great state of Massachusetts.


5)Underdog story of the century: Kid lands date with gourmet burgah

Yes, thats right, you might think that video that kid left on that gourmet burgah’s wall was embarrassing, but maybe it looks like Avi might get a chance at some pley. Chalk one up for the Average Joe’s, fuck you Global Gym.

4) Obama SOU

For those who missed it,

3) Matt Leblanc teaches the world Mush talk

Joey from Friends, aka Matt LeBlanc, was on Conan and explained Nonantum lingo on national television. Great for The Lake, which is pretty much the capital of culture.

2) Newton North Manager Scores against town Rival…at the Garden

-Brendan Durkin, a special needs student at the Newton North graduate program, is also the best basketball manager the city has ever seen. Coach Paul Connolly gave him the chance of a lifetime. He put him in the game against the city rival, at the TD Banknorth garden. The rest is history:

1)Touch My Culture Birth

Since January 8th, 2014, the culture of the internet has not been the same. A friend group of Mooks, Mushes, Moones, Lindas, Charles’, Geaches, Jivels, and other cultureful people combined their cultures to create this blog. Hope you all have gained a basic knowledge of our culture, because theres much more culture to be touched.



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