“Money Ain’t Change Me”-The Muhammed Wilkerson Story

So its like 9AM at the time of writing this and I am currently in the Intern Cave with some breakfast culture (Spinach Omelette/Turkey Bacon/Home Fries) reflecting on one of the more interesting experiences of my life that unfolded last night.  Besides being an intern AKA new slave this mush also works at one of the more sought after restaurants in the city as a waiter, and that is where this story unfolds.

So, after arriving at work I was informed I would be getting a VIP culture table around 10.  Awesome, VIP means assholes BUT also BURGAHS!  That was my immediate thought process.  However, upon arrival the most important VIP and one whom I was looking forward to was no where to be found!  No culture I thought.  But ah contraire mon clair, I was wrong.

So besides Peyton Manning’s wife who was present (can you guess the VIP who was a no show?), the BURGAHS, the suits, and one man who was clearly an agent and scarily reminded me of Ari Gold, there was one very quite (and very large) man who I immediately knew.  Muhammad Wilkerson.  Culture.

First-  I have the up most respect for Wilkerson for the overarching reason that in an establishment with a nearly 800 bottle wine list, over 75 different alcohols and mix-ologist to craft you the drink of your dreams, the guy just wanted Avion & Pineapple Juice.  What a mush!  Anybody on their tequila wave I respect.  Second-  In opposition to his douche bag agent, smoke show girl and the other suits Muhammad was one of the nicest patrons I have ever served.  Seriously, the guy said please and thank you, helped to clean the table…this may sound normal to you but in a restaurant that averages $700 a table it is the farthest thing from normal.  Just complete mush-manners, aka knowing that despite any title or position held you should treat everyone the way you want to be treated, clearly money has not changed Wilerson.  I aspire to be a man like he is, and was last night.  Generous.  I have unlimited respect for the man who made it from the slums in Jersey to the top and who still knows he is no better than the man serving him dinner, truly the mush mentality.  Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the suits, his agent, and Mrs. Voldemort.

If by chance you are reading this Muhammad (which you aren’t, but a mush can dream) I would like to thank you for the lesson I learned last night.  I’ve always heard the traditional “money aint change me” rap line, but last night I witnessed it first hand.  What a cultural night, what a night to be a mush.  Introducing Mr.  Muhammad Wilkerson, honorary mush member welcome in The Lake if he should ever chose to come by.


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  1. kfsquared says:

    I love hearing stories like this. There could a million pretentious assholes out there, but having one like Muhammad is enough inspiration to stay humble.

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