WTF Happened Last Night


So I had a couple drinks with my mushes, nothing crazy, and headed back to my apartment around midnight. I wake up in the middle of the night to my roommate yelling “Tackstyles what the fuck are you doing??!?!?”

As soon as he says this I lift my head up and BAM…hit my head on something. This was strange because the ceiling in our bedroom is about 12 feet high. I open my eyes and see nothing, I try to lift my head again, hit it again, and I cant move it anywhere. My body was stuck, my arms had nowhere to go, and the panic started to set in. I had no idea where I was, all I knew was that I couldnt move, and I thought I was inside a box or something. What was going on.

My roommate pulled me by my legs..out from under the bed. I was sleeping under my bed. The space under my bed and the floor is about 1 foot high. Thats not even an under-exaggeration. I had fallen asleep in my real bed, slept walked, and passed out under my bed. I dont remember this interaction with my roommate, either because I was still sleeping, or I am concussed from hitting my head twice.

When I finally woke up, all my clothes on the ground (about 5 outfits) had been folded. Thank you drunk, sleeping Tackstyles for doing what sober Tackstyles was dreading to do.

Morale of this story is: Mushes make for the best drinking buddies. Have a good day everybody.

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