McDonalds And Drugs Just Don’t Mix

A McDonald’s in East Pittsburgh had quite the predicament on their hands yesterday afternoon.  On January 29, 2014 McDonalds employee, Shantia Dennis, was doing her daily routine by selling heroin out of the drive through. All was going smooth until the five-o received an anonymous tip.”Shantia Dennis, 26, was arrested by undercover law enforcement officials.” Quite unfortunate to see something so pure and special come to a stop……..”NAHHT” (Borat Voice)

In order to buy the heroin, she asked her customers to buy the McDonalds famous “Happy Meal.” Check this out though, heres where this linda get’s really creative. In order to obtain the dope, you would required to say, “I’d like to order a toy.” She’s so sneaky, isn’t she folks…I hope it was worth making the pleys, because the only pley Shantia will be making now is…uhhhh…thats right she’s back to being a low life “No Pley” Johnson. Keep up the good work, you’ll be employee of the month in know time.




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