Classic Entourage Quotes About Burgahs

We all know and love entourage. Its a great show about a funny group of mushes that teach us about burgahs and life.

Just to show you that the boys of entourage know about burgahs:

Drama: How’d she look?

Turtle: Good enough to eat I bet, huh?

Eric: Yeah.

Drama: Too bad Vince can’t eat animal products anymore.

IF you are still not with the burgah metaphor, go to sleep. please.

1.Talk about forePLEYYYYYY


Ari: “Let me explain this to you in a metaphor you will understand. I am sure there are guys who have fingered you in the burgah long enough that eventually you let them fuck it. And now you think you got me bent over with your finger in my burgah thinking I will let you do the same. I am not like you Dana. You will not FUCK ME IN THE burgah.”

2.Classic mix-up


Barbara: Eric, we both know Vince has burgahed half the actresses in this town. Mandy on the other hand, is a good girl.

Eric: You seriously gonna sit here and let them bad mouth Vince like this?

Ari: I thought that was a compliment

3.Your Burgah involved in “Burgah on Burgah” action. Nothing better.Unknown-1

A. Ari: “Good news is when the wife decides to eat burgah for your birthday. This is great news.”

B. Drama: “When opportunity knocks you let her the fuck in and for god’s sake you let her go down on your burgah!

C. Ari: “are you kidding? more than I want my wife to crave burgah”

4. Breakup Burgah?


Eric: “We had break up burgah, all right?”

Johnny Drama: “Break up burgah? Never heard of it.”

Eric: “Yeah, I mean… you know… you burgah and… that’s it. You say goodbye.”

Johnny Drama: “… That’s the only kinda burgah I have.”

5. Nobody wants to starve


Turtle: I thought he quit?

Drama: Cigarettes, not burgah.

***This last one is because drama is my favorite character. Couldn’t be more classic Drama.

Drama: “no no no. Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I burgahed her in the ass”

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jibroni Sandwich says:

    You guys are fuckin retarded but I read this every day so I dont know what that makes me haha

  2. kfsquared says:

    Mr. Sandwich,

    We greatly appreciate your viewership! Having said that, and I believe I speak on behalf of all of us here at TMC, we do not appreciate you using the word “retarded.” I understand you may not be using it in a derogatory way (or maybe you are) but regardless that word is offensive to me and I will not tolerate it.

    Have a blessed day,


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