Friend-Groups I Want to Join


Don’t get me wrong. Finding a better group of friends than the mooks and mushes is harder than a rabbi on the sabbath, but there are a couple friend-groups I wouldn’t mind shootin’ the shit with for a couple days. Ya’know just kickin the tin around. Passing the guac, as they say.

The Stand By Me crew

If you have never seen the movie Stand By Me you missed out. Period. Classic coming of age tale bout a bunch of pre-pubescent kids who go on an adventure to see a dead body. There is a fat kid to rag on, a weird kid to rag on, your best friend who is somewhat normal, and a straight mook as the leader. Great friends and epic adventures. What else does a 10 year old need?

Three Six Mafia

These guys are a guaranteed great time. They won an Oscar for the Hustle & Flow Soundtrack (that’s right, Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca have Oscars, but Samuel L. Jackson and Johnny Depp do not) and subsequently went on a two year binge of drinking and partying. In interviews eighteen months after the award ceremony they claimed to still be celebrating their Oscar win. That’s some positive energy for ya. Plus, guaranteed bangaz on their tour bus. Stay Fly and Poppin my collar? Burgah central.

3 6

The ’03 Red Sox

In 2003, the Red Sox signed Theo Epstein as the youngest GM in baseball history. Theo, in turn, helped create won of the most heartwarming and entertaining teams in Red Sox history. David Ortiz, Manny, Pedro, Nomar, Bronson Arroyo, Johnny Damon, Varitek, Nixon. Should I stop now? No? Ok. Derek Lowe, Wakefield, Kevin Millar, Bill Muellar, Shea Hillenbrand. Alan Embree closing our games out. We even had Gabe  “Ubermoone” Kaplan. This was the legendary “Cowboy UP!” season, and the beginning of “Manny being Manny”. So much culture. If only Grady Little wasn’t such a geach and pulled Pedro before Aaron Boone’s homer.

2003 sox

The Dream Team

In 1992, America sent the most squaded basketball team to compete at the Olympics in Barcelona. Let me hit the clubs with Jordan, and maybe play some bocci with Charles Barkley and I am set on culture for months. Add in a couple brews by the beach with Larry Legend and salsa dancing with Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing, and my culture meter is at an all-time high. Can’t forget about tapas bars with David Robinson, Magic, Drexler, Pippin and Stockton. When we get bored, we would all just rash on Chris Mullin, who must have won some sort of sweepstakes to be included on the team.



If you have read more than five posts on, you should know that all of us writers love the show, Entourage. It is the perfect group of friends. They always have each others back; never are afraid to be honest with one another; motivate and work along side each other; and have a great time living every moment to the fullest. Plus they get so much pley. Even when they fight, you know by the end of the season they will hug it out. Life lesson central.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kfilipov16 says:

    Dope list. I’d have to add: 1.) Harry, Hermoine, Ron, and Hagridmush 2.) Corey, Shawn, and Tapanga 3.) Ocean’s Eleven crew

  2. m00ne says:

    Hagrid def got zoots in that little shack he had. Him and dobbie smoking fat pipes.

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