EXMAG Changing the Culture of Music. Interview Included.

There is a new sound on the block and it comes from a collaboration of musicians. This sound is Extraordinary Magnitude, aka Exmag. Exmag members consist of Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero aka SuperNicer, Mike Iannatto, Denis aka Gramatik and ILLUMNTR. Eric and Tyler both play keys and guitar, Mike makes beats and does a mix of guitar and keys, Bryn is steady chilling on the bass and vocals, meanwhile Denis (Gramatik) masters it and produces all of their culture. This a great mix of culture that we have here. Their sound is fresh and interesting, and they definitely came to pley.

The Brooklyn based musicians belong to the Lowtemp, which was founded just last year. Lowtemp also has Gramatik, ILLUMNTR, Gibbz and BRANX under their belt, so I advise you to check out their culture. They are becoming popular fast–and in no time they will be a household name.

They are technically classified as electronic music, but what makes them different is the funk culture that they bring. It puts them in a new category than other electronic music artists. Friendship and ambition fuel these musicians to become greater and greater every day. This combination of beats and instruments allows them to continue to pley and create music with no limits.

Not only are they talented with their instruments, but this funking bunch sings about getting burgahs in their songs. The mix of smooth and sexy really separates them from other musicians. This group of culture touchers has a song called “Tilt Mode” that is guaranteed to make any burgah moist as soon as they hear the music. The chorus goes “My girl wants to get it, but you can get it in the mean time, and just keep it on the down low and you can get it in the mean time.” We have an instant classic here folks. Check ’em out and thank me later.

A lil’ Q n A

Q: How did you all meet?

A: “Tyler Tyler Dondero (SuperNicer), Mike Iannatto and Eric Mendelson are all friends from when they were younger. Eric moved to NYC to start a computer programming company with Bryn, who is ILLUMNTR. Eric met Denis like 2 weeks later when he came to America and they starting recording stuff the next day.”

Q: What inspired you all to make this band?

A:  “Eric starting touring with Denis a year prior to them meeting, and  when Tyler and mike moved to NYC to join the movement with Eric and Denis (Gramatik) is when we started making the Exmag music”

Q: How do they plan on changing the culture of the music industry?

A: “We are just trying to add more harmonies into electronic music and collaborate with as many people as possible.”

Q: Who’s your favorite burgah?

A: Eric Mendelson said, “His girlfriend Melanie is.” Tyler without any hesitation, “Erykah Badu” as his favorite burgah. When it came to Mike he seemed undetermined, but finally he remembered, “Ciara, but now that she’s pregnant and is with the rapper Future, I need to think of a new one.”

Heres the link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EXM4G

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