Why Every Guy Should Idolize Macklemore

Macklemore uncles

     (Macklemore’s uncles, inspiration behind Same Love)

      What does it mean to be a man? And no, I’m not talking about the douchebags who believe being a man is about smoking weed, getting girls, drinking, raving, then repeating. If you’re one of those that do, you’re in fact a fraction of what it means to be a man and it’s solely due to your physical properties.

I’m talking about the real man who understands that the world is bigger than his ego. The one who stands up for what is right, ESPECIALLY when their environment is telling them otherwise. I’m talking about the Benjamin Franklins, the Ghandis, the Mandelas. Well I’m adding Macklemore to that list and its about damn time we all recognize it.

His song, Same Love featuring Mary Lambert, is how I came to this conclusion. If you weren’t born yesterday or subletting Patrick Star’s house for the past decade, you know that the hip-hop/rap community is the second least tolerant of the gay culture. (the religion community, of course, being the first) So what has Macklemore achieved? Created an inspirational song supporting it in this environment, which takes guts and courage. It takes a man. How many of you reading this have ever been in a position to speak out against something you know is wrong but didn’t out of cowardice? I have and you have as well.

He’s been met by ignorant fucks who very creatively deem him “gay.” Real original, no wonder America is 7th in literacy in the world. What’s most troubling is that the majority of this group are men, or so they think they are. The ironic thing is, while you call Macklemore gay, he’s more of a man you can ever be. He stood up for what is right and inspired some people along the way to get out of this vicious ignorant circle… Me being one of them. That makes him a man, a leader… while you’re scratching your head staring at the screen realizing you’re just another follower.

Well, I’m here following in his footsteps. I’m not a gay rights activist by any means (because its not particularly close to my heart,) but when I see ignorance I call it out. Especially in issues that aren’t life altering to absolutely anyone. Does your day-to-day life change because two males or two females are allowed to get married and ensure, at the least, some financial security for their future? (Shouts to Chuck and Larry for bringing light to this issue) Fuck, does your long term life change? No, it doesn’t.

I’d like to mention that I’m not a fan of his music, but of his leadership. That’s why we should all idolize Macklemore and aspire to be more like him. Believe in something, both in voice and in practice.

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