The Blogging Gods are Looking Down on Me Today


Walk into my Visual Communications class at Umass Amherst, and the only seat left was in between two Turkey Burgahs. Day was already looking rough; its 5 degrees out, Kflilipov snored all fuckin night, the Buses are down today so I had to walk to class, and finally, I have to sit in between Rosie O’Donnell and the foreign powerhouse from Dodgeball (the movie). But what my teacher said next turned everything around.

“Depending on the quality, you will receive 5-10 extra points on your FINAL GRADE if you start and maintain a blog this semester.”


“The 3 best blogs will get 10 points, a whole new visual design for free, and free marketing throughout the Umass Campus”

So I am sorry if you are not a fan of TMC, but we are here to stay. I mean…its a homework assignment, I don’t have any other option. Hopefully my teacher, and all you readers, understand that this blog is more than an entertainment blog. We are trying to present the news, stories, and anything interesting, in a funny, unique, and real way. This sign from the blogging gods told me that we’re doing something right, and we shouldn’t stop now….not that I was going to anyway. Were having too much fun with this, and hopefully you are too.

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