Marshawn Lynch Gets His Own Taste Of The Rainbow


We all know Marshawn Lynch is horny for skittles, but now he has his own brand. This limited edition brand is called the “Seattle Mix.” Marshawn must be pretty excited about this le pley, I mean who wouldn’t want their own brand of skittles? For every titteler that Marshawn Lynch scores this Sunday, the Skittle’s brand has offered to donate $10,000 to the Fam First Foundation co-founded by Mr. Lynch).This is probably why he only spent a whopping six minutes at Super Bowl Media Day, he clearly had other priorities. This is a dream come true for the Seattle running back, and it is well deserved. Lynch has had a fabulous season due to either his skittle addiction, or the fact that he gets pleys on the field, and burgahs off the field. Marshawn is blunt in interviews, either he’s zooted or he does not have much to say. See his Super Bowl interview with Deion Sanders below:

Marshawn zooted Super Bowl interview

Rumor that instead of hot baths after his practice and work outs, Lynch has been filling his bath tub with the “Seattle Mix.” I might say fuck it and do the same, maybe it will attract more Burgahs.

I’ll look something like this;



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