Borat Impersonator Learns Senior Skip Day Culture In The U S and A

What happens when a mush straps on a Borat bathing suit and wreaks havoc on the beach for his senior skip day of high school? Watch and see what this kid did, you won’t believe it.

Newton North High School Senior Skip Day, 2011.

Borat is an unbelievable character who (literally) crosses the boundaries of American culture. Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius, and there is something funny in every scene. I don’t think there is a movie that makes me laugh more than this outlandish classic. He exploits a homophobic man at a roadhouse, stays at a Jewish bed and breakfast, sings the khazak national anthem at a rodeo, and journeys across the country to make love explosions with the beautiful, Pamelaaaaaa Anderson. Borat has always stuck out to me because of how uncomfortable he makes people feel. So I experimented with making a beach full of people feel uncomfortable.

Policemen, lifeguards, and parents all had no clue how to react to me. I mean I was wearing that bathing suit and I do have a rocking bod. Although I am not sure of its legality, whenever I whip out my neon banana-hammock bathing suit, the energy of people around me drastically changes. It does this because people are used to the same old bologna every day, so I thought I’d brighten up this one. I have nothing to be ashamed of and I think everybody should express themselves however they see fit. What’s life without a good laugh?

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