Why skeletons in a closet shouldn’t matter when running for public office

Why skeletons in an uncultural closet should't matter when running for public office

Rand Paul, a politician who I respect, made some comments a few days ago, regarding former president Bill Clinton getting his culture rubbed by Monica Lewinsky. Of course, anyone who knows about elections in this country would ascertain that Paul taking an Oblique jab at Hillary in order to take away her credibility in the next election.
Hillary Clinton, in my eyes is a very intelligent woman who has proven that she capable of holding a high profile position in this country, as she proved she was capable of being the 67th secretary of state, arguably one of the four most important cabinet positions in the executive branch. I’m not saying i’m all pro Hillary Clinton. I’m trying to clarify that as voters in this country, we tend to judge candidates strictly on their view of important social issues vices that they have in their personal lives.
In 2012, I was dumbfounded at how many people told me, “Mitt Romney hates gay people” or “Mitt Romney doesn’t care about women.” It seems as if fabricated propaganda in this country has eclipsed the important factors in why we as voters, should vote for a candidate.
I heard too many references about Barack Obama smoking cigarettes and doing illicit drugs in his past in the 2008 election. Tell me. Why does this matter? Like these candidates thought that they were going to be holding the most high profile position in the United States when they were seventeen years old? It is inevitable that this country has never been more divided on social issues than they are now, such as gun laws, gay marriage rights on a federal basis, and abortion. I will admit, these are salient issues that need to be addressed in the near future, but it seems as if people are so alienated from politics, that they turn to subjective media outlets, pick a candidate’s “stance” on a social issue, or judge a candidate for an immoral act in their past to determine their vote.
To think of William Clinton being the first spouse perplexes me, because this is a man who was impeached for taking advantage of a 20 year turkey burgah intern, and could potentially return to the white house? Billy boy, I hope getting dome in the oval office and shoving a cigar in Lewisnky’s burgah was worth your tarnished reputation btw. Regardless, this act of adultry, mind me saying that adultry is ubiquitous in the United States, should not be a campaign issue if Hillary Clinton is nominated by the Democratic Party in 2016, and the same goes for the rather unpleasant aesthetic appearance of Chris Christie, and for Jed Bush’s rather unpopular big bro.
I am not saying that we should not take into account a candidate’s stance on social issues, but it bothers me when an individual votes for a candidate solely because “they are for gay marriage” or “respect women’s rights.” I am advocating voters to take into account a a candidates experience in terms of knowledge of fiscal policies, national security, foreign policy, and many other factors as well. Not to mention that none of us are infallible human beings, and we should not judge a candidate that is over 50 years old based on an of injustice when they were a teenager.

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