The Age Of The Smartphone


Ask yourself, and be an honest mush/burgah, how much time do you spend on your smart phone? Whether it’s sexting, snap chatting cultural photos or even checking your social media. You can basically do anything on these devices. This technology gives humans access to information all over the world that helps us in everyday situations. Sure, its great to sext burgahs and le pley to a few games of candy crush, but when is it too much? These smart phones are great power, and like Spiderman’s gramps always said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

I challenge our readers, the staff and myself to shut your phone off for at least two hours a day. Now I know the burgahs are thinking, “Ghalllll this guy is like such a drag” and the guys are thinking, “This mush has zero culture, doesnt he know how many burgahs I sext #Igetpleys.” Lets get real folks it’s pretty ridiculous. Think about how many times you have been with your friends or family enjoying nice conversation, when all of sudden the room goes completely silent except for the pitter patter of fingers relentlessly tapping away. Its like a damn domino affect. One person will casually whip out their culture and text away, then another person will see this and make them want to check their phone (because they’re so popular) until boom everybody in the god-for-saken room is zoned in. Trust me, theres a lot more culture out their in the world than in that electronic rectangular box.

Things to try during those two hours:

  • Burgahing
  • images
  • Photo Bombing
  •  a97171_g113_4-appear-on-tv
  • Javelin Catching (probably some dangerous culture)
  • javelin2
  • Making Citizen Arrests (You’ll look like a huge Geach though)imgres
  • Extreme Ironing
  • 39

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