How To Fix The Pro Bowl

I know most people were watching the Grammy’s, but the awful, horrific, ugly, boring, immature Pro Bowl was on. The final score was so low, 22-21. There were retired players coaching each team, there were Chiefs Linebackers concussing Chiefs running backs, and there was no effort put forth by anyone. I would rather watch Macklemore perform the same song for an hour straight than watch another Pro Bowl. Here is how I would add culture to this boring game:

1) Incorporate the lingerie football league

  • One Wr, One Rb, One Qb per team.
  • At least one has to be on the field at all times.
  • Same rules as NFL players, except they have to follow the dress code of the LFL.lfl

2) Keep it AFC vs NFC

  • Right now its a fantasy draft. Just awkward how two players on the same team are competing against each other.

3) Each team has to run a trick play every series

  • Flea Flickers, options, reverses, Rb passes…let the coaches display their inner Mook

4) Put exciting players on both offense and defense and special teams

  • Patrick Peterson, Desean Jackson, AP, Dez, Lesean McCoy, ETC.

5) Losing players are disqualified from next year’s pro bowl

  • Players already get around a 100k bonus for making the Pro this is huge

6) Winning players awarded an additional 50k.

7) Have certain NFL players play 5 on 5 bball at halftime

  • Better than a Fall Out Boy performance like this year…
  • We all know they can ball

8) Shorten the field, more scoring, less defense.

  • 50 yard field. No kickoffs.

9) Include skills competitions like the NBA

  • Qb throwing
  • RB/WR races
  • WR/CB jump balls
  • Kickers play HORSE

10) Have a sweepstakes that lets an average Joe return one punt in the game

  • Fans get to watch some average white dude get annihilated.

11) Rotate the game between Hawaii, Miami, LA, Las Vegas, and Barcelona.

  • Hawaii is overplayed. Make this game at a desired destination to the majority of fans. People want to watch football in LA, Vegas, and Barcelona-As someone who just studied in Barca I would know…people are dying to have a game played at Camp Nou (where FC Barca plays)

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