Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes

1) The Finale

-Some people hated it, I thought it was genius. They bring everyone who the crew offended back to recount their story. It reminds the audience of everything that happened over the course of the 10 year series, while also hearing the crew’s defense of all these stories and claims.

2) The Contest

-Just a classic episode showing real friendship. Who do we think would last the longest of the authors here at TMC…do I smell a Poll coming?

3) The Merv Griffin Show

-CLASSIC Kramer. Couple of Kramer’s best quotes come from this episode. 

4) The Opposite 

-George transforms into the anti-George…and it works. As a fellow short person…I dont get his attraction to tall women. I like em petite.

5) The Soup Nazi

-Grew up with an autographed photo of the Soup Nazi saying “no soup for you.” over my kitchen table. Safe to say Im jewish…

6) The Boyfriend

(My Favorite Kramer story ever)

-The mix between Elaine’s love for Keith Hernandez the guy mixed with Jerry’s love for Keith Hernandez the baseball player is the funniest love triangle ever. Plus Kramer and Newman’s JFK story is too much

7) The Puffy Shirt

-Classic Seinfeld ridiculousness.

8) The Bubble Boy

-I think the Bubble Boy is the best guest actor in Seinfeld history. 

9) The Chinese Restaurant 

Happened to all of us jews at some point in life

10) The Yada Yada Yada

-Gotta show Elaine some love

Made this list because I woke up hungover this morning, plopped on the couch, expected to watch the mediocre Price is Right, and Seinfeld happened to be on TV. Ive grown up watching the 6:00 Seinfeld on Tbs and the 630 Seinfeld on WB. Never, in all of my fake sick days, in all of my hungover skipping class days, has Seinfeld ever been on TV at 10 am. It was a sign from the blogging gods. Please comment or ever write your own whole blog if you disagree. As always thanks for reading, TMC really appreciates the rea yada yada yada.

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  1. I think the finale was brilliant!

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