The Real Ending to Goodfellas


Goodfellas is based off of a true story and I think we have finally found out the true ending. The 1978 JFK Lufthansa Heist was the story Goodfellas based the big airport heist off of. The biggest heist in US soil at the time, the mushes got away with 5 million in cash and 1 million in jewels, equivalent to 20 million today. That was Jimmy and Henry’s big score in the movie. Everybody started balling out and bodies started dropping. The ending was not the same in real life. 5 were arrested regarding the heist and none of them ended up seeing their cash. Jimmy played by Robert DeNiro, kept all the cash and only paid his immediate guys. The FEDs are looking for Jimmy’s body but it’s not likely they are going to find it. Henry Hill has passed away and unfortunately it looks like the Goodfellas story has come to an end. All we can do now is dream of the 1900s gangster life.

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