Finding a Balance: Watching Tiger Woods vs. Spending Time with Girlfriend


I’m a pretty busy guy.  Work and practice and homework and MushOfAllTrades keeps asking me for more blogs, etc.  Look, I’m used to it.  Plus it looks great on a resumé.  Future employers ask me all the time, “Chief, how do you manage to play two sports? How do you get Nobel Prize-winning economics professors to call you ‘Phil Mickelson’? How do you convince petite Asian girls to let you put your dick in between their toes?”

I’ll leave those stories for another blog.  One thing I continue to struggle with is how to balance my time between Tiger and my girlfriend.  Tonight is a great example.  It’s supposed to be our one-year anniversary date tonight but Tiger’s round may not end until 6.  The reservation is at 6:30. I’m not saying that I don’t want to go to dinner but I kind of am.  Might have to pull out the old, “Babe, I’m not feeling well, how about tomorrow night?” card (again).

Look, best case he finishes up at 5:30.  Ian Poulter gets his foot surgically removed from his ass and the group ahead of him speeds up.  That’s best case.  Worst case, she gets angry and leaves while I watch Tiger hit his approach on 18, in which case I would also get to watch his press conference.

It’s gonna be a close call and to be honest I’m not sure which scenario I’d rather have happen right now.

Go Tiger.

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