Action Bronson Is For The Kids

If you like Rap and you aren’t familiar with Action Bronson (AKA Bam-Bam Baklava, AKA Bronsilino) by now, consider yourself uninformed and just stop reading here… if you insist on sticking around, at least educate yourself (Almost everything you need to know about Bronson can be found on youtube, but I encourage you to start here: )

Those of you who are familiar with Action know that he is one of a kind; a true representer of the Culture we all strive for. Bronson lives for the finer things in life (food, wine, women, 1980s BMWs) while never taking himself, or his rap, too seriously. And now that you are all fans; please enjoy these photos I took at his concert in D.C. this past Monday Night.


“I gotta sip something before I rap”


“This my time fam”


“The facial reminiscent of a Lion”


“Bronson rhyming like he on an acid tab trippin”


“So much Paper it don’t fold Up.”


“Just show respect and kiss both sides of the Don’s Cheek”


“I got the drugs rolled perfect”


“Fuck the Water, We surfing on the Crowd”



“Smoke Butter the same color as Jalen Rose”


“This gettin money shit is simple”



“Since the last time I seen you boo, I been around the world.”


“My past life I was a Rabbi, now I live the fast life.”


“Your chance is thin like the mustache on PuertoRicans”


“Looking gorgeous in every portrait”

Part II Coming Soon

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