The Top 5 Most Desirable Fat Chicks in America


5. Adele A.K.A “The London Bridge”: We know about the accent and the deep voice. People don’t realize that Adele has the same size foot as Dwight Howard. I get turned on just thinking about it.


4. Bianca Wilfork: Vince weighs in at around 370-375 after dinner (depending on the meal), right around the time he pounds Bianca. Yet she never complains. Seven children and she doesn’t say a word (except for the one time she was having digestive issues and had to tell him to stop). 


3. Harriet Tubman: Does anyone else think that freeing slaves is sexy as fuck? 


2. Holley Mangold: At 5’8, 346, Holley has the highest body mass index in America. She can hang clean 300+ pounds.


1. Hillary Clinton: Nothing is sexier than power, and Hillary will likely be our next president.  Still has the fattest ass of any first lady since Abigal Adams.

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