Joey from Friends and his hometown Lake talk: Expert Mush Insight

Matt LeBlanc is an actor who played the infamous Joey from ‘Friends’. He grew up in the same neighborhood as myself, Nonantum, MA. Nonantum is also known as “The Lake”. LeBlanc has always said he was from Boston but finally comes out and says he is a mush. In the video above, LeBlanc explains to Conan O’Brien, who happens to be from Brookline, MA, some of the same lingo we use here at TouchMyCulture. Conan shows how people from Brookline tend to grow up to be a little douchey and LeBlanc shows his mush background. Lake talk is dying out with all of the old timers passing away and all of the Asians who have been moving in. LeBlanc brings new life to the lingo by explaining it to Conan. LeBlanc says he saw some quista jivels on the corner mush. Quista jivels meaning top of the line burgahs and mush meaning buddy or pal. LeBlanc is one of my mush idols because he has done exactly what I am planning on doing, getting out of The Lake and becoming famous. He has brought mush talk to a national level and that is a reminder to everybody, you can take the mush out of The Lake, but you can’t take The Lake out of the mush.

To read our definition of Mush click the link below:


To read the full language of The Lake click the lick below:

Lake Talk

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  1. kfilipov16 says:

    Fun fact: He grew up across the street from me. #Mush

  2. aka he was a cook street GANGSTAH

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